Business-led, technology-enabled Services. We assist organizations in building, transforming and managing their IT operations.  Through PMI certified project management, implementation and support, we provide our customers the utmost in IT consulting.

Identity Management

An enterprise-wide Identity Management solution is a complex venture requiring detailed planning and a successful strategy.   Organizations need the assistance of experienced trusted partners.  Using best practices and thousands of hours of expertise we have implemented hundreds of  NetIQ drivers, connecting disparate systems successfully for our customers.

Our Identity Management projects incorporate assessment and planning as a first step. This step integrates business requirements with technology to design the best solution for customers.  The second step is implementation which includes piloting the solution in a lab environment, and verification prior to production deployment.  Finally, the project moves to training and documentation.

All Identity Management projects have a PMI certified project manager assigned in the most cost-effective manner. This assures a smooth project implementation while providing cost containment and rapid successful deployment.


Enterprise IT systems require day to day administration and maintenance.  Organizations often are in need of temporary to long-term assistance in administering their IT systems.  We step in to assist.  Whether it be Salesforce administration or basic back end systems our decades of experience will fill the organizations needs.


Organizations seek continuous improvement in their IT systems.  Often this leads to the implementation of new products, or upgrading of existing systems.  Using project-based methodologies, our consultants work with customers to achieve their IT goals.

An enterprise implementation requires proper planning and design in order to have a successful implementation.   We partner with our customers to insure a well planned project is realized.  Our projects include new installations, migrations, consolidations. They integrate, optimize and mobilize our customers.  Our business process consulting determines key success factors and develops a strategy for implementation. The use of Saleforce is often considered.

Our project-based implementations can be tailored to meet the requirements of an organization.  Training and documentation are always considered.  IT solutions without proper planning, and training are often headed for failure.  Our consultants are skilled at communicating with all levels in an organization. This aids in training the end-user, administrator or just providing executive briefings to leaders.  Documentation provides a static report of how a system was implemented.  Implementation documentation may be a full report or a basic summary.