On-time, on-budget and immense value added. We align our projects with Best Practice principles. Focusing on customer service and exceptional delivery. Planning, execution, performance and control are delivered on all our projects.  A PMP certified project manager is assigned for all projects.

Case Studies

PROJECT 1: Identity Management

The University required an efficient and streamlined identity Management System. We performed a Requirements Assessment and working with Stakeholders delivered a comprehensive role-based access provisioning solution using NETIQ’s Identity Manager driver set.  At the finish of the project, an interconnection of multiple applications which built a synergistic management of end-user identities, attributes and roles, was fully implemented.  A part-time project manager was assigned to guarantee success.

PROJECT 2: Large Data Migration

The Utility Company wanted to move their entire data set (12TB) from older storage and systems to virtualized servers and Windows shares. This project required all file permissions to be migrated and updated as well.  Using Condrey Corporations Senergy Product, within 12 weeks all data was migrated. Permissions were complete in place and server cut overs were not noticed by end users.  In addition a full analysis of the existing data was performed using Condrey Corporations Galileo product.  The reports issued provided the company with a good record of security for the files as well as all the meta-data information (ie. file type, owners, size, etc.)  Project management was required for this project on a part-time basis in ensure success.

PROJECT 3: Large Email System Consolidation

The Healthcare organization had an aging email system that required consolidating to a central data center and modernizing.  We performed our standard best practices for this project.  A system audit as well as a design were first undertaken.  The implementation process required the building of a large SAN and 40+ servers in a clustered design. The email system was further redesigned (consolidated and moved) to the new clustered environment. Virtualization provided the platform for the servers. At the end of the project, more than 15,000 users email accounts were moved. The rate of issue occurrence (trouble tickets) during the project was under .05%.  Full time project management was required for success.

PROJECT 4: Email System Move and Upgrade

The Financial organization required a refresh of their current email system. This refresh required the moving of the system to new servers and upgrading both the operating system and the email system itself.  We performed an audit of the system to evaluate the health and to ascertain the scope of the move. A new design was built. Virtualization and Linux were used for the servers. The implementation phase took only two weeks, moving to 11 new virtual Linux servers and upgrading the email system to the latest version.  A mobility server products were added to increase value.  Two terabytes of mail was moved/upgraded. End user issues were less than 1% and the client’s operations were never affected.  The duration of the project kept the requirement of a project manager to a minimum, increasing the value to the customer while decreasing the cost.