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Articles for your viewing pleasure

    Clustering/Linux Articles

    Over the years I have written articles on clustering for GroupWise. And with the rise of Linux, I have start to amass a few articles on GroupWise on Linux.

    Other Topics

    Here are a few other topics I have written on over the years.

    GroupWise/Exchange Comparison

    It was not long ago that a customer requested my team write a comparison report of other email platforms to their current GroupWise 7 system. At the time, I enlisted the aid of an consultant who had done GroupWise, Notes, and Exchange. This led to a well- written report that presented all three platforms fairly. It was this report and my discussions with a different customer that led me down the Exchange 2007 path. This customer wanted me to compare GroupWise 7 to Exchange 2007 and to compare migrating from Exchange 5.5 to GroupWise 7 or Exchange 2007.  (Read More)
    Email Policy/Archiving/Retention
     A very hot topic for email is Policy/Retention/Discovery and legal requests.  In a couple articles I address some basic thoughts on these topics.

    GroupWise Best Practice Articles

    Best Practices are proven tips/tricks/implementations that come from a long list of fellow consultants, engineers and customers that have, over the years, tested and proofed the information presented. And lest I forget there is Novell support, TID's, and the GroupWise community.  In this series of articles I have provided, in one spot GroupWise Best Practices.